50 Palestinian institutions in Europe seeking aid for the Gaza Strip

ROTTERDAM, — About 50 Palestinian institutions in Europe have set plans and suggestions to deliver aid to the Gaza strip and the families affected by the Israeli war on the Strip in the summer of 2014.

Throughout the past few days, these institutions have held a conference to discuss mechanisms and ways to support the affected Palestinian families. 

The decisions concentrated on providing the homeless families with temporary shelters and the wounded with the treatment they need. They also addressed programs to support Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Two themes
Ameen Abu Rashed, the director of al-Wafa campaign, told Al Jazeera Net that the conference, held at the initiative of the campaign in cooperation with the Assembly of Palestinian doctors in Europe, came up with an initiative to cooperate and to coordinate efforts for the sake of supporting Gaza.

He also mentioned that the two main themes of the conference were the medical aid, and the urgent sheltering, promising to renovate 5000 housing units, secure the rents of 3000 houses, support 1500 families and provide 1500 housing units.

As for the medical issues; he pointed out that the Palestinians in Europe took upon themselves to provide treatment for 300 wounded Gazans in coordination with European governmental and non-governmental organizations.

He pointed out that the last Israeli war on Gaza had increased the European sympathy with the Palestinian cause.

Palestinians in Europe try to help, support and alleviate the siege on Gaza, benefiting from the European facilitation and the projects dedicated to support the health and development sectors in the Strip.

Intensifying the medical efforts
For his part, Munther Rajab, the General Coordinator of the Assembly of Palestinian doctors in Europe, said that the meeting approved recommendations to intensify the European medical delegations to Gaza.

It also approved hosting the wounded for treatment, he said, adding that prior approvals will be obtained from the European countries which will receive the wounded, and the embassies in these countries are facilitating this process.

Al-Aqsa Mosque
In another context, the conferees approved the urgent priority of contacting official circles and decision-makers in Europe to clarify the risks of the Israeli violations against Jerusalem and al-Aqsa Mosque.

The participants praised the events that took place in scores of European cities during the last few days, most notably; last Friday’s ceremony in the European mosques which addressed the risks threatening Jerusalem and al-Aqsa Mosque in light of the Israeli escalated attacks.

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