50 new guards to join al-Aqsa supervision squad, daunt Israeli vandalism

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– The supervision crew at Muslims’ holy al-Aqsa Mosque has been on the alert to Israel’s mounting vandalism against such a holy Islamic site, Abdullah Abu Taleb, head of the supervision department at the mosque said, revealing the launch of procedures to appoint 50 new security guards to prop up security in light of the swelling Israeli assaults.

Talking to the PIC, Abu Taleb said the decision is a direct upshot of the frequent desecration break-ins staged by extremist Israeli settler flocks.

“Taking advantage of such illegal ‘sightseeing’ perpetrated via al-Maghareba gate and escorted by the Israeli occupation police during Muslims’ prayer times . . . settler vandals creep into the congregation groups,” he charged. “Our security guards cannot keep tabs on everyone and everything,” he maintained.

He further spoke out against the assaults, deportation summonses, heavy beatings, and arbitrary arrests to which scores of al-Aqsa security guards have been subjected at the hands of the Israeli occupation police and settler hordes.

The Israeli security forces have also been cordoning off al-Aqsa entryways and imposing abrupt hermetic closures around the clock as a means to set the stage for Israeli sacrilegious break-ins.

Meanwhile, Deputy Secretary General of the Islamic Jihad Movement Ziad al-Nakhala on Saturday said the liberation of holy al-Aqsa Mosque and Occupied Jerusalem is the responsibility of the entire Muslim nation.

He warned of Israel’s exploitation of the regional turmoil to grab hold of holy al-Aqsa, declaring: “Let’s speak out loud, so loud, to tell the world that Palestine is worth such endeavors and sacrifices.”

According to Nakhala any apathy or procrastination to be exhibited vis-à-vis such malevolent Israeli schemes can only boost up Israel’s hegemonic grip.

“Our current pre-occupation with the reconstruction of Gaza should not divert us from our concern with Jerusalem’s affairs,” he further warned.

“The city of Jerusalem is the icon of the entire Islamic creed. Its sanctity is worth our money, souls, and even offspring. Nothing shall ever preclude us from protecting it,” he vowed.

He called on all Palestinians to pool resources and stand as the everlasting “chain mail” of al-Aqsa and occupied Jerusalem. (palinfo)

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