5 Palestinians Enduring Mysterious Fate In Syrian Jails

aspacpalestine.com – Syiria. Five Palestinian refugees, four among whom from the Daoud family, have been enduring mysterious fates in Syrian government jails.

The captives are identified as: 30-year-old Nour Ahmad Daoud, the father of a child. He was arrested in 2013; 31-year-old Daoud Ahmad Daoud, arrested at AlBatikha checkpoint set up at the main entrance to Yarmouk Camp. He has two sons and a daughter; Brothers Mahmoud Mohamed Kheir Daoud, aged 21, and Ali Mohamed Kheir Daoud, 18. Both were arrested in 2014 in AlDweil’a area, in Damascus. The four arrestees are residents of AlHajar AlAswad.

The list also includes 28-year-old Palestinian refugee Mustafa Marwan Hussein, a resident of Misraba. He was arrested in 2013 at UNRWA’s vocational training center in Mezzeh, in Damascus.


Source: actionpal.org.uk

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