48 Years Since Al-Aqsa Arson Attack

aspacpalestine.com – Al-Quds. Monday (8/21/2018), 48 years since Al-Aqsa arson attack. The arson attack was a crime that causes serious damage to the various ornaments and history of the mosque.

An Australian extremist, Dennis Michael, set fire to the Al-Qibli mosque at Al-Aqsa Compound on August 21, 1969. At that night, the fire burned most of the mosque building, especially the pulpit of Saladin Al-Ayyubi.

In addition, the arson attack also occurred in mihrab Umar Zakaria mosque in the vicinity, 48 windows made of wood, gypsum, and colored glass, as well as the entire carpet in the mosque burned-out. In addition, the fire also caused damage to the wooden dome, gypsum colored decoration and gold along with all the books, natural and architectural carvings, southern wall, and colored marble laminate inside the mosque.

While the Palestinians rushed to stop the fire Israeli authorities cut the water supply from Al-Qibli Chapel and its surroundings and was reluctant to send fire engines. Arab fire trucks from Ramallah and al-Khalil tried to extinguish the fire, before Israeli firefighters in Al-Quds arrived. This indicated that there was an Israeli role behind the crime.

The arson attack created large demonstration wave in Palestine and the largest was in Al-Quds. Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir in her press interview said that the worst day for her was the day of burning Al-Aqsa mosque, due to concerns about reactions by Arabs and Muslims. And the best day for her was the next days, seeing that the Arab population did not move against it.


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