ASPAC for Palestine - Thursday, November 30, 2017. The Jakarta’s sky is overcast. Soft drizzle fell like a cotton swab. The air along in Gen. Sudirman road was not much different from the temperature in Sasono Mulyo Ballroom - Le Meridien Hotel, which the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People was held by the Department of Public Information - United Nations. The event took place in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia and the Palestinian Embassy in Jakarta. ASPAC for Palestine became one of the organizations invited to this event. Exactly at 10:20 pm the event started. The event continued with the first speech by Ms. Eshila Maravanyika of the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC), who read the message from the UN Secretary General. As the theme is, "The Palestinian People: Everlasting Roots, Infinite Horizons", the United Nations urged to end illegal occupation as a final issue for the road toward Palestinian independence. The second speech was delivered by H.E. Dr. Zuhair Al Shun as the Palestinian Ambassador in Jakarta. "Thank you… - Jakarta. Asia Pacific Community for Palestine attends the Palestinian study on Thursday (10/6/2017). The study aims to provide information about Palestine to the public, especially the Palestinian activists in Indonesia. The study, organized by the National Committee for Palestinian People (KNRP), taken place at Jl. Jabir, Ps. Minggu, South Jakarta. The study attended by activists for Palestine. This study held from Thursday afternoon and ends by Ashr. This study presented detailed information about the condition of Palestine to the condition of prisoners in Israeli jails. One of Palestinian clerics said that the Palestinian issue is the core or heart of the world's issues. He added that the issue of Zionist-Israeli illegal occupation is a problem of Muslims around the world. "The signs of victory are imminent, firstly, the unification of the Muslims when Zionists closed Masjid Al-Aqsa. And secondly, Allah has made separation of victory evidence with most Muslims taking to the streets, when Zionists closed Masjid Al-Aqsa," he said. He stated that there are Palestinian prisoners who can complete the doctoral process in Israeli jails.   WM
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UIA meets with the Palestinian Ulema Council

Written by – Jakarta. The Palestinian Ulema Council (Foreign Affairs) held a meeting with the Islamic University of As-Syafiiyah (UIA), Tuesday (10/10/2017). The meeting wasconducted with the aim of informing the current condition of Palestine to the Indonesian community, especially among universities and students. The meeting, which took place on Tuesday morning, was mediated by the Asia Pacific Community for Palestine (ASPAC). The meeting was held on Tuesday morning started at 9:50 am. The meeting held at the campus I of Islamic University of As-Syafiiyah, Jati Waringin, Jakarta. A series of agendas took place during the meeting. The meeting began with a talk show agenda with the PalestinianUlema Council(Foreign Affairs) related to the conditions experienced by Palestinian society in the Palestinian territories and ended by the visit of the Palestinian Ulama Council to the Orphan Boarding School As-Syafiiyah. The meeting opened with the introduction of Islamic University As-Syafiiyah by the Vice Rector III in Student Affairs, Hj. Syifa Fauzia, M.Art. One of the Ulama from the PalestinianUlema Council(Foreign Affairs) said that the Zionist Israel’s treatment will not stop colonizing the Palestine…