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Exert everything

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Umar ibn al-Khattab and the Companions of the Prophet PBUH made the event of hijra to Medina as the standard of Islamic calendar. In the hijra there were various positive spirits that mark the rise of Islamic civilization level. Spirit of perseverance and unyielding, totality of sacrifice and togetherness, spirit of maintaining the existence and continuity of da'wah relay. Hijra was not just a momentum of movement or physical movement from one place to another. However, hijra was the shifting of religious level; from individual piety level to greater communal level; reach a sovereign, independent and associate state level with the international world. Its existence was not only acknowledged, but it was already in diplomacy and negotiation stage. Dialogue with advanced civilization at that time was also done, for example with two superpowers, Roman and Persian. Although, there were some internal disturbances in Madinah from among the scribes (the status quo) who feel rivaled. Or the antagonists of the Quraysh kuffar and allies. With some limitations in the early period of Medina, the conditions of the Muslims were much better…
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In Mu'jam al-Buldân mentioned; the name Africa came from a ruler of Saba' in Yemen, Ifriqis bin Shaifiy, who was defeated by the Ethiopians. Chased and dashed into Libya, passing through the desert, and met the Barbarian tribe that inhabits the fertile and the green lands. The name Africa was first popular in the east of the continent. Some Arab historians and writers, taking the derivation of the name Africa from the word "fu-ri-qa" which means separated or divided. Because of geographically, African soil is separate from Europe and Asia. Africa is separated by the Mediterranean Sea that separates it with Europe and the Red Sea that borders it with Asia. A small part - at the edge of Egypt - then split along 160 kilometers and is called the Suez Canal. If Egypt is the gate of Islam in Africa, then the Barbarian tribe is the Islam gateway to Europe. Not surprisingly, if along the northern coast of Africa and parts of the eastern region, Islam is dominant, while previously unseen. Slowly but surely, the ancient Egyptian civilization was…
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Keep Glorifying Allah

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