Some of us think that the occupation in Palestine happened in 1948. In fact, in that year the Zionist Jewish had occupied most of Palestinian territories. If we want to look at history, we will find that the Zionist Jewish occupation in Palestine began in 1917, when the British occupied Palestine (Sham), which borders the Egyptian territory and assisted by the Egyptian armies, it could not be separated from the British occupation in Egyptian territories. Lord Allenby celebrated the success entered Palestine in December 1917 as the beginning of the occupation in Palestine after the Hattin battle (538 H / 1187). The expression of anger and cynicism by Lord Allenby: "Now the Crusade has Ended". Then in 1920 after the Maysalun battle, the French General entered Damascus and went to the tomb of the great leader Saladin Al-Ayyubi and said: "We have returned, Saladin!". Let us recall the Balfour Declaration by the British Foreign Minister (Arthur James Balfour) to the Zionist millionaire (Rothschild) containing the support of the establishment of Zionist entities in Palestinian land, a month later the British…
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How Does A Moslem Help Al-Aqsha Mosque?

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Often we hear even see many individuals or institutions who convey about the current condition of Al-Aqsa mosque. Along with our knowledge of the condition of Al-Aqsa Mosque and the virtue of fighting it, comes to our mind a question, What should we do for the Al-Aqsa Mosque? Here's an individual assignment that we must do in fighting for the existence of the first Qiblah of Islam (Al-Aqsa Mosque): 1. Present the right intention in the struggle to liberate Al-Aqsa Mosque from the Israeli Zionist hand 2. Search for as much information from various reliable sources (institutions / figures, books, TV, Radio, Internet, etc.) 3. Attend the Palestine’s event / activity 4. Joining an institution that focused on fighting for Palestinian independence 5. Providing special piggy bank fight Al-Aqsa Mosque, For Rasulullaah SAW said: " Wealth will not be reduced by alms” 6. Convey info about Palestine and Al-Aqsa Mosque in associations (family, relatives, friends etc.) for approximately five minutes every day. 7. Note about individual Muslim duties as a reminder of the authority of the Al-Aqsa Mosque 8. Choose…
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The West Bank Occupation

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The occupation state (Israel) is currently controlling the West Bank territory. Although many of the Palestinians martyred or expelledfrom their homeland, there are still many Palestinians living in their homeland, whether in occupied territory 1948 or occupied territory 1967. The fact is that the Israeli occupation state that controls and has a dominant powerin the territory, namely that law, administration, and government controlled by the occupiers as well as soldiers and occupation forces spread throughout the Palestinian territories. Those arethe factorsof the difficulty of Palestinians from entering andleavingtheir country. Peace Agreement and the Division of Colonial Territories In 1993 a peace agreement was set up between the PLO led by Fatah and Israel. Which, after the agreement, Israel gave the Palestinians power to reign in certain areas of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. But the Israeli occupation is still responsible for the external borderterritories. To enter the West Bank, tourists must obtain Israeli visas and through a series of checks by Israeli occupation forces. In this case it is possible for the armiesto refuse and even arrest the tourists…
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