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The West Bank

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In 1948, the Zionist Israel seized and occupied the Palestinian territories but for two territories called the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. West Bank is a Palestinian land located in the west of the Jordan river and ruled by Zionist Israel in 1967. West Bank is 21% of the land of Palestinian history (extending from the Jordan river to the Mediterranean Sea). The existence of the West Bank territory does not mean that there is an area called the East Bank (east of the Jordanriver) in this case the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, it may be so called, but very rarely. According to 2016 calculations, the number of Palestinians live in the West Bank is 2.935,368 people. [EH]   Palqa.com
The Judaization of Al-Quds means to make the city as a Jewish city in terms of history, population, government, etc., which means slowly removing the Islamic and the Arab identity of the city. The ways of the Zionist Israel Government to Judaize the city of Al-Quds, as follows: -          Demolishing the Palestinian homes in the city of Al-Quds and expel them out -          Deport the Palestinians and deprive their citizenship -          Build Jewish settlements in eastern Al-Quds to encourage immigration -          Seize the Palestinians’ lands -          Exploit the Islamic landmarks as a holy relic of Jewish property -          Build the separation wall that isolates Palestinians and makes their day difficult day by day -          Forge the cultural heritage of Al-Quds by changing the names of towns and villages from Arabic to Hebrew -          Digging tunnels under and near Masjid Al-Aqsa. [EH]  
3. Collaboration between Protestant and Zionism Although the US constitution applieda secular system and didnot adopt a particular religion, however it is known that the most of Americans are Christians who share the same background as what the Talmud Jews believe. According to statistics in 2008, 50% of Americans claim to be Christians and 25% of them are Catholic. At the AIPAC conference (the largest Zionist organization in America) joined 50 influential American leaders in reviewing the policy (Gary Bauer, Jerry Falwell, Ralph, and Dick Armey and Tom DeLay). At the first session of the Conference was born a support from Zionist Christians to "Israel" was then discussed in the session on the most effective way for Christians and Jews to cooperate in politics to improve Israel's safety. Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi says in his book “Jerusalem: The Concern of Every Muslim” The USPresident's demeanor since Truman's time couldbe seen clearly the effect, we couldalso read in Carter's diary that it was announced that the establishment of Israel was a prophecy! We couldsee the policies ofRegan, Bush and Clinton that embodiedthe…
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