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Resistance Behind Bars

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Maybe for the public does not cross their minds, what else is the real counter-action that can be done directly by someone who is in jail. Perhaps it is because the bars are understood as symbols of barriers, including the struggle for rights and righteousness. Then came the perception: helplessness has already hit the prisoners in prison.

However, the above perceptions are not generally accepted, especially for Palestinian prisoners. Amid difficulties, they still have a way to fight, despite the physical and psychic attacks of the Israeli armies that currently cause 210 prisoners to be killed and 1,200 people sick. In fact, amid the paralysis of many international organizations to stop Israeli atrocities, the prisoners stand tall against the collective injustice. They face all of that, by doing massive hunger strike.

The hunger strike action is effectively inflaming solidarity and popular resistance, now almost three weeks apart, starting on April 17 coinciding with the Palestinian prisoner’s day.

Spirit of resistance from hunger strike inflames the solidarity of Palestinians. Palestinians act. Day of rage action was held in across of the West Bank, Gaza, Al-Quds and other areas, followed by thousands of people.

Various resistance was done as a form of response and solidarity. Even a week from the start of the hunger strike, there was a collision action against an Israeli soldier in the Beit Gala. Furthermore, followed by direct attacks against Israelis in the West Bank and Al-Quds, which caused 17 Jews injured, 9 of them are Israeli soldiers and 8 civilians.

Solidarity camp in Gaza was visited by thousands of people in throngs. Massively, several committees, foundations and civil institutions were present to garner support for the prisoners.

The solidarity action continues to be raised although sometimes PLO against it. As a sample, the fact that PLO's forces attacked mass of solidarity action in Hebron, South West Line.

The solidarity action also came from across the nations, the National Unity and Refugees Association held a solidarity action against Palestinian prisoners, held in the central square of Uppsala city, Sweden. The Secretary of the Executive Bureau of the Palestinian Refugees Association in Europe, Sa'ad, said he would continue to follow up the solidarity response to the hunger strike.

The above actions are only part of a series of solidarity actions inside and outside Palestine. Thus, the hunger strike action of the Palestinian prisoners is very effective. History has proven the effectiveness of the action which has lasted for about fifty years, mainly in 1970, 1992, 2004 and 2012, in fostering national and international solidarity also bringing great victories to the Palestinians.

What about the hunger strike in 2017? Time will answer it. However, it can be guessed from the statement of chairman of Hamas political bureau, Khalid Meshaal: "Soon, we will force Israel to release the Palestinian prisoners". If in previous years the Palestinians could gain victory from hunger strikes, then the much larger political constellation and the power of the Palestinian people today, could have won more than ever before. Once submitted by a Palestinian columnist, Munir Shafiq.


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