Board of Founder

The following names of the founding board of Asia Pacific for Palestine:

  1. Mr. Suripto (Indonesia, chairman of the supervisory)
  2. Mr. Bachtiar Nasir (Indonesia, members of supervisory)
  3. Mr. Ahmad Sadeli Karim (Indonesia, members of supervisory)
  4. Mr. Saiful Bahri (Indonesia, Chairman of Aspac for Palestine)
  5. Mr. Heri Efendi (Indonesia, secretary of Aspac for Palestine)
  6. Mrs. Maryam Rachmani (Indonesia, Treasur of Aspac for Palestine)
  7. Mr. Al Muzammil Yusuf (Indonesia, founding member)
  8. Mrs. Marwah Daud Ibrahim (Indonesia, founding member)
  9. Mr. Mohamed Saly Mohamed Faris (Sri Lanka, founding member)
  10. Mr. Ali Najeeb (Maldives, founding member)
  11. Mr. Mohamed Tahir bin Abdul Rahman (Malaysia, founding member)
  12. Mr. Ali B. Panda, (Philippines, founding member)
  13. Mr. Ansary Abdul Malik (Philippines, founding member)