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Asia Pacific Community for Palestine or commonly abbreviated ASPAC for Palestine is a consortium of non-governmental organizations ( NGOs / NGO ) in Asia Pacific region which consists of institutions and individuals who are concerned about the Palestinian struggle to regain sovereignty and independence , against the occupation and the Israeli occupation .

ASPAC for Palestine was established through a joint declaration in the Asia Pacific Community Conference for Palestine on Thursday, June 30, 2011 at the Jakarta Convention Center . The conference was attended by 395 participants from 22 countries in the world, namely : Indonesia , Algeria , Bahrain , Bangladesh , India , Britain , Iraq , Japan , Jordan , Kuwait , Lebanon , Malaysia , Maldeves , Egypt , Pakistan , Philippines , Sri Lanka , Sudan , Syrians , Tunisia , Turkey and Yemen .

Located in Jakarta-Indonesia , Aspac for Palestine inspired by the Preamble to the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia, which asserts "That the real freedom is the right of every nation and therefore , the occupation over the world should be abolished because it does not conform with humanity and justice " . Based on the 1945 constitution, Indonesia as the largest Muslim majority country in the world always insists political conduct free and active for "Come establishment of world order based on freedom, peace and social justice". Then encourage the countries in the Asia Pacific region and the international community to continue to support the realization of the independence and sovereignty returned to the Palestinians .

The initial steps by Aspac for Palestine is in synergy with the national non-government agencies in Indonesia to garner support for the Palestinians who then proceed with various NGOs / NGOs in the Asia Pacific region .

Oneyear after the Aspac for Palestine declaration or the exact date is November 29, 2012, the International Day of Solidarity for the People of Palestine, the General Assembly of the United Nations passed Resolution 67/19 on the Appointment of the State of Palestine as a Non-Member Observer State. Aspac for Palestine participated in the joint declaration of the United Nations Information Center in Jakarta.

Since the establishment until today Aspac for Palestine has been doing and involved in various activities , both seminars , training events as well as national , regional and international . Among them , as one of the organizing committee for the coordination of participants from Indonesia and Southeast Asia in the international event in the Peace Parade Global March to Jerusalem ( GMJ ) held on March 30, 2012 in Jordan . Then proceed with the project Syaddurrihal , Holy Spirit Journey to al - Aqsa in the Gaza Strip in May 2012 . TFT ( Trainer for Trainers ) are conducted for the trainers and the preacher as a briefing on the issue of Palestine . In addition it is also preparing presentation materials about Palestine from various perspectives : historical , ideological , humanitarian , social and cultural .

Entering the New Year as well as finalize preparation of the Working Meeting in 2012, ASPAC for Palestine initiative to hold Jakarta Palestine Film Festival to educate Indonesian people entertainment and insight as well as the spread of anti-colonial struggle and the spirit that is being experienced by the Palestinians. As well as one of the flagship program was first held in Jakarta. God willing will continue in other cities in Indonesia and in the countries of the Asia-Pacific region in collaboration with members of NGOs in the Asia Pacific region which are in coordination ASPAC for Palestine. In 2013, activities focused on the ASPAC for Palestine Focus Group Discussion with various organizations and student leaders and expand the network to several countries including Malaysia, Hong Kong and Tunisia.

Together withco-founded the International Coalition for Jerusalem and Palestine in Cairo in April 2013. And beginning in 2014, ASPAC for Palestine has published two books: The Forbidden Country and Mini Encyclopedia of Al-Aqsa Mosque.

In May 2014, Asia Pacific Community for Palestine held ASPAC 3rd Forum held in Kuala Lumpur. This forum discussion focuses on three commissions: Scholars, Women and Youth and Students. Dated August 30 to 31 2014, Aspac for Palestine along with some NGOs around the world participated in the formation and declaration of the International Public Foundation to Aid Gaza in Istanbul, Turkey and is committed to provide financial assistance to rebuild Gaza after the Israeli aggression.

In2015, Aspac for Palestine is preparing a Mini Encyclopedia of Jerusalem and 15 Other Cities in Palestine.Now, Aspac for Palestine continues to strengthen its network in various countries especially in the Asia Pacific region.


Founding Board

Here are the names of the founding board of ASPAC for Palestine :

1.      Mr. Suripto (Indonesia, chairman of the supervisory)

2.      Mr. Bachtiar Nasir (Indonesia, members of supervisory)

3.      Mr. Ahmad Sadeli Karim (Indonesia, members of supervisory)

4.      Mr. Saiful Bahri (Indonesia, Chairman of Aspac for Palestine)

5.      Mr. Heri Efendi (Indonesia, secretary of Aspac for Palestine)

6.      Mrs. Maryam Rachmani (Indonesia, Treasurer of Aspac for Palestine)

7.      Mr. Al Muzammil Yusuf (Indonesia, founding member)

8.      Mrs. Marwah Daud Ibrahim (Indonesia, founding member)

9.      Mr. Mohamed Saly Mohamed Faris (Sri Lanka, founding member)

10.  Mr. Ali Najeeb (Maldives, founding member)

11.  Mr. Mohamed Tahir bin Abdul Rahman (Malaysia, founding member)

12.  Mr. Ali B. Panda, (Philippines, founding member)

13.  Mr. Ansary Abdul Malik (Philippines, founding member)


-          Office              : Graha Peduli 2nd Floor,

Jl. Warung Buncit Raya Loka Indah No. 1 Warung Jati Pancoran Jakarta  Selatan 12740, DKI Jakarta Indonesia

-          Telp./Fax         : +62 21 7918 9149

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-          Web site          :

-          Face book        : asia-pacific community for palestine

-          Twitter                        : @Aspac4Palestine

-          Account Bank:
a. Bank Syariah Mandiri (BSM) Saharjo Branch, account number 7045752121 in the name of AsiaPacific Community for Palestine
b. BNI Syariah Bendungan Hilir Branch, account number 666111997 in the name of Asia Pacific Community for Palestine